Why Red Door Real Estate? 

Our agency represents Buyers only 

This means we do not solicit, or accept, property listings from sellers. This enables us to give unquestioned loyalty to our real estate buyers and eliminates the conflicts of interest which often crop up in the real estate world. Real estate agencies which represent sellers must, by law, represent, advise, negotiate and advocate on behalf of their seller clients.

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The law states that we must have a contract with our real estate buyers, or we are representing the seller by default. We are very happy to structure a contract so that our clients feel comfortable with the terms. When we first work with a client we will typically ask for a commitment which covers only the properties we view on a particular day, or days, with the client. Once we get more comfortable with each other most clients will consider a longer term commitment. We work hard for the clients who commit to us. We keep our clients abreast of new listings, and changes in the area marketplace. We help with negotiations, coordinating with other support professionals, and assisting them through the buying process.

A buyer agency contract does not commit you to buy anything, nor do you have any financial obligation in most cases. With Multiple Listing Service (MLS) properties (99% of what we deal with) the seller has committed to pay a commission to their agent and we accept part of that commission as our service fee. This arrangement benefits the seller by promoting more buyers looking at their property. It benefits the buyer since the seller has agreed to pay a fee to their agent, and they to us, so that the buyer can have representation without any out of pocket expense.  Have a real estate agent working for you.

So whether you are looking for a vacation home in the village of Stowe Vermont or a condo at Mount Mansfield ski resort we can help you.  We can also help you in any other town in Northern Vermont whether or not it is in Lamoille County.

Buying property in Northern Vermont 

Whether you are a first time buyer, or an experienced investor, this website will give you useful information about choosing the "right" property, making an offer, negotiating, financing, mortgage rates, moving and everything involved in making an informed real estate decision in today’s market.

As Vermont licensed real estate agents we can show you any property for sale in Northern Vermont.  Our local area is Lamoille County including Stowe, Morrisville, Hyde Park, and JohnsonWe are also very familiar with Washington and Franklin Counties of Vermont.  

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